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Treasure Map - December 21, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Treasure Map

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haha its funny cuz its about math
I wonder if Euler ever thought about these kinds of things.

Note: Some swimming required.

Yuriy, exactly--or a boat...or a long trip upriver to the next bridge...

That's great. I love this spin on the typical Koningsburg Bridge problem.

Made me grin. Nice festive site design btw, I like it!

Of course one could change the Euler number and just tunnel under a river...

Or just mount up on the Euler Cycle and jump the river...

If it's cash, it's too bad we need an Euler path and not a Hamilton path. Get it? Hamiltons? Cash? Get it? Pretty funny, huh?

Oh, well, *grumble, grumble*...

Euler? I hardly knew her.

studied this one in college
not funny if he meant a joke but ya this one will put " men at work "

i don't understand :( never studied anything like this! :(

I used to think about how many roads I crossed, when walking, to get to places I visited regularly (shops/train station/bus stop) and tried to work out if I could get to the same destination crossing less roads.

One day i started to cross the road, stopped in the middle and walked all the way there in the middle of the road ...

I always wondered if that meant I'd only crossed one?

Ignore the map and just catch a cab...

just walk halfway across one bridge, turn around, and go back. does that count?

ooh! it doesn't say anything about hopping the streams :)

well, technically, by walking halfway across one bridge and then turn around and go back would make the distance travelled equal to the distance of the bridge, thus make an alternative solution.... theoretically speaking....

The solution is to employ an electron that can cross two bridges at once. (This is cheap as single electrons charge little.)

Or just blow up one of the bridges...
wait, damn, then you don't cross them!

string-theorists answer: take every bridge once, then add an extra dimension:-P

tsk. whoever tried solving the map is stupid. the map clearly said cross the bridge, not cross the empty space on the bottom-right-hand side

I can do this!

All I need is a can of paint, and an outline of a maltese cross in plastic.
Cross can be a verbed noun, right?

Buy a boat!

Just swim a little.

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