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My Two Girls - December 16, 2009
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My "real" life story...

My Two Girls

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Does this make his name "phi"?

I feel sorry, but is a great cartoon!

Proof that cats are better than girls. Should have kept the cat and kicked the girls outside. ;)

Fantastic. No point making fancy prose that says wonderful things in clever ways about today's comic. Fantastic lol, love it!

Absolutely brilliant. I literally laughed out loud for a solid thirty seconds.

This one's great. First I've liked so much in a while.

this is epic!

Yeah I hear you WC...

that's right inner product. cry.

He deserves it for having two girls, anyway...

if the first equality implies lesbianism, that's the source of your problems buddy.

It shouldn't be "iff" but implies. The rule that x=0 -> = 0 follows from the fact that 2x = x so = 4 = so = 0

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