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Summer - December 15, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Summer

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Is this comic going off on a tangent today?

We all get tans becos the sun sines.


I'd say the comic goes off on tangents all the time, but I'd hate to be hyperbolic.

I'm sine at that bad pun...

one of them has the perfect tan

tan(x) !

A heavy tan is a sine of non-geekness, cos geeks never cot sun.

Yeeeeeeehaaa! :)

Nice one oscar. You could say "cot in the sun."

I tried to come up with another witty comment, but I can't.
See, can't!

She should divide tan by sine

Oh man, he has tan lines. Those are just the worst.

There's my contribution. I didn't say it was good! :)

Nah, someone just tanned his hide...

may be she's cot to tan(ing) him

People sec to get cot in sun- is it Cos tan is the sin of coolness these days?

just add csc, and your statement would be my favorite trig line of all time

I like trigonometric jokes, but let's not go off on a tangent.

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