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Party - December 14, 2009
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As requested by Peter S. (one of the first math jokes he ever heard)... Here ya go:

Spiked Math Comic - Party

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That's a tradicional one!
If at least e^x was invited to a "y" guys party then he could integrated easily =D
(If x and y are not related...)

Good one!

Andrew Stella

PS: What's are those colored things in the bowl on the table?

It's an old joke, but a good one. Those colored things are supposed to be m&m's.

gosh all this while you were looking at the table
maybe you are quite a foodie...

Of course it'll make a difference! He'll become e^x + C !

and then e^x+C*x+D ^^' and then ...

@Avi Z.

e^x + C
C is for cookie. I like cookies...

Well, Andrew Stella probably pork rinds.

Poor fellow, it gets worse, any time he differentiates himself he also finds it makes no difference.

A slight variation :
At a cosine party, a sine is alone. A cosine comes up to him and asks "Why don't you integrate yourself to the party?" to which the sine responds "Don't worry about me, I was going to go off on a tangent".

boo math sucks

Math rocks! Mathematics is the official language of the universe.

I'm an Italian Engineering student, this joke was told me by my Calculus prof... Ha Ha!

integrate in terms of the variable y to make a change..

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