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x - December 12, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - x

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9x=9 reminds me of 1=0.999999999999...

x = all real numbers

this comic is awesome!

I don't get it. Isn't 3 the same as 1?

P.S.: Yes, I _am_ a computer scientist, thank you very much.

if 3=1, then 3+1=1+1, or 4=2, so 4/2=2/2 or 2=1.

Dude... Consider my mind blown!

This bothered me as a kid actually. And then when I got into computers I had to cope with X = X + 1 which was even more traumatic.

It's only a problem because = is used for "assignment" operator in computer science and for "equality" in math. Once you realize that == is the real equality operator it's not a problem anymore :-p

Mike, it's only a problem when you thing about x=x+1 repeatedly...

Just make it x++ ;P

One of my coworkers had this happen to her. And the kid was serious about her "lying" to him.

weird though I really didn't have a problem, when I started to *program * I really didn't do it on computers, it was mostly algorithms, and some book used := instead of = for assignment so no confusion there :). (oh btw I'm not really old :P)

I like using statements like "if(x=3)" in C just to bug people out... :)

cute one :) :) :)

I remember thinking that, when I got to algebra, I'd have to memorize values for each letter.

Also, when I get bored of the standard set of variables, I like to add in Klingon letters.

x is from transformers now?

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