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Numbers - December 6, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Numbers

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arrr!!! this was lame!!

I can't think of anything larger than the subobject classifier either.

I can easily prove that there is no such number ;-)

There is still space on the chalkboard...

it is true in a ternary system.

I woke up hungover this morning and that was simple enough in my fragile state. Laughed quite hard... don't know if it'll still be quite as funny when I sober up though! Thanks, great work so far. Loving this comic :)

I laughed

@tanuj: He was supposed to write the biggest _NUMBER_ not the biggest _CYPHER_.

@comic: She cannot prove that he is wrong because she did not say by which (<)-Relation.

i'll be damned. and here i was thinking 2 was the biggest number in base-3.
@oscar: i dont really know what you mean by that.

I'm speechless...

@tanuj: sorry, false friend. The word I meant was "digit", not "cypher".

@oscar: ah. technicalities!

...but what if he's actually thinking about a binary system?

I think I saw this gag in The Phantom Tollbooth.

Yes! It was in The Phantom Tollbooth. I love that book.

Anyway, it's rare to see a literal number greater than two in advanced mathematics. One time we ended up with 12 but it turned out the prof had mistaken a Greek letter for a 6.

I think there is actually a biggest number we can think of.

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