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Bedtime Stories - December 5, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Bedtime Stories

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Greetings from Serbia. Your site really makes me laugh. As some kind of support i am clicking on your google adds :) Best luck

There's more Serbs reading this comic,than xD

And more. :P

and even Serbs that in Australia :)

what book is that from?

Must be lost in the spam filter. The words are from wikipedia (click my name).

That's one awesome painting.

More greetings from Serbia :)
I recently fond out about your comic, and I like it. Keep up the good work.

Nice bed sheets!


Did you know that "Pi" in portuguese is pronounced like "pee" ? :-)
Nice comics !

That’s the same in every language that pronounces its ‘i’ as [i] – such as the majority of European and at least some Asian languages – and derives its word for π from Greek, which is probably also true for the majority of European languages.

Jose, are you saying that he has pee in the bed?

I don't know--listening to math proofs and texts kept me awake and excited...

I always fell asleep during stats classes :D

hey look closely... the child is crushed under the bed sheet...he's probably dead...under the weight of pies

That is a flat sheet of pie on top of a grey recess. The child should be fine for the next few days.

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