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World Annihilation Via Calculus - December 4, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - World Annihilation

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So x = God?
Can you give the indefinite integral so that I can check your substitution?

Hmm..I think this might be trivial. Of course if you integrate from meteor to meteor you're obviously gonna get zero.

I thought integration built up, not destroyed things.

Now what you need to do is take the earth into the complex plane and evaluate the residue of the north pole.

to bmonk, the value is integrated between 2 values that are the same, thus the answer is 0, or nothing.

No; because if the contour of integration encircles a pole (or a few millions) there will be residues to add up. It will just be a mess to keep track of who's singular, who's multiple and who's essential...

@chuck knessl:
Well, if it's a path integral and there are poles inside the area...
I guess the two poles on Earth had differing sign and canceled each other out.

I know, but it's a deriviative joke...

so...you're saying the earth started as an asteroid...and its demise will add up as a final asteroid...interesting. so, can I book my moon base passage early?

I think the lower meteor symbol should have subscript 1 and the upper meteor symbol should have a subscript 2.
After that, it'd make a great T-Shirt. :-)
Furry cows moo and decompress.

I Don't get ANY of these.....

This also works for -meteor to meteor as there is no doubt in my mind that the world is odd

+ C

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