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I Love You - December 2, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - I Love You

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Don't piss her off too much or she'll try to get even =P

Why don't they just have a three way and make a Fibonacci sandwich?

Well, 2 is <3...

less than three.

(seems the 'less than' sign doesn't like to be commented upon)

I think it's fixed now, so we will see :-D
I had html enabled and < is the character you use to start some html, hopefully it works without problems now.
Some html is still enabled like (a href,b,i,br/,p,strong,em,ul,ol,li,blockquote,pre).

Sick man. Could you please leave the paedophilia out! Honestly! 5 could be like, what, the child of 2 and 3?!

Nah, Oscar, if they multiplied, then obviously their child would be 6.

Obviously, they're all giving in to their primal instincts.

Ouah !

I really loved this webcomic, but this one is especially good, I mean, I can even tell the guy next to me why I laugh !

Thanks for this comic

While 3 and 5 are indeed an odd couple, they are also a prime pair.

@Gary... I don't think oscar will like that. Cause then they would be twins and you'd be introducing incest into the comic.

Maybe 3 thought it was an open relationship, while 5 thought it was closed...

Well it seems that the primary difference between 5 and 3 is 2 again. Of course 2, 3, and 5 are solitary numbers, so what did you expect? No one will be their friend. Heck, no one is even amicable with them. They're imperfect, deficient integers. It's all to be expected.

But at the last analysis we are all imperfect deficient integers. That's the deep significance of this strip.

He's going for a two when he has a five? Huh.

These should be a prime time soap opera.

Wouldn't 3 and 5 be an even couple, not an odd couple, since 3 & 5 (3+5) is 8, which is even?

hmm... she'll get even.

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