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100 - December 1, 2009
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100 to a chemist means the boiling point of water (measured in Celsius).

100 to a super duper geek means 4 (alternatively, it means another perfect score on a math test).

100 to Google means 1 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000 0000000000.

100 to the Romans means C. In this case, C is not for cookie.

100 to me... is just another number ^_^

My 100th strip on Spiked Math, yay! My original intention was to just post a lame reject strip due to time constraints, but since it is #100, I thought I should post one that is at least half decent (and then by rounding up, it'll be decent).

Nevertheless, what does the number 100 mean to you?

cute kitten cat

Don't worry kitty, I'll post it later today :D

Update (December 1, 2009): Here you go kitty, remember to round up!

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go for it ^^

Just another number. It just happens to be ten times as large as the amount of fingers most of us have. Somewhere, far away, they're using hexadecimal.

If you use duodecimal, 100 is just gross.

If you use Dewey Decimal, 100 is Philosophy and Psychology. The 510s are the good stuff.

I hope many people got that pun, because it was hilarious.

ahhh, a gross oh nice

Having been here before and lost, to be here and win, I've got to tell you, winning is really a lot better than losing. Really a lot better.

If this is Ben from comic 096, he really doesn't like division at all! Maybe the teacher should use something like apples, or carrots...

good one lol. Of course the first thing that popped into my head was "What is the significance of the number 47?"

Don't have anything yet...

100 is a really annoying number, as it has a lot to do with percentages which I hate.
On a more real-world note, it is handy to have this whole - 'base ten' and 'everything is made in nice easy round numbers' thing, in the rare occasions when it actually happens

100 is 10, 10 is 3, 3 is 5, and 5 is 4. And I'm sure we all know that 4 is 4.

Except in LEDs. Then 100 is 14, 14 is 6, and 6 is 6.

Lol! I see what you did! I think you counted the number of letters!
Yet just to be sure....
In your system is this true:
1 is 3
7 is 5
12 is 6

Better to think it's backwards (001) on those special improbable situations, :P

PS love the cat!

Congrats on the first hundred! Here's to the next hundred! Which begs the question:
If you publish 1/day and I publish 4/week and I'm at 409, how long before you pass me?

1 per day = 7 per week, so 7x = 4x + 409.
7x-4x =4x-4x+409
3x = 409
3x/3 = 409/3
x=136 + 1/3 weeks

Why shouldn't C be for cookie? It sure is good enough for me!

so, if he gives each friend zero skittles, then he will have zero friends. but if he replies "four", then will he have four friends?

But what if he now has 0 friends and 12 skittles, how many skittles does each friend get then?

100 is bland, except for the following:

Welcome to the symmetric group on 100 letters! While you're here, be sure to greet the Janko group J_2 and the Higman-Sims group, who have come here a long way, looking for a symmetric group to accomodate them!

"100 to a super duper geek means 4 (alternatively, it means another perfect score on a math test)."

My prof scores tests on a scale of 0 to 4.

I win.

"100 to the Romans means C."

Shouldn't that be "C to the Romans means 100"?

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