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Gymnastics - November 30, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Gymnastics

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No, they probably shouldn't :)

But a good math teacher is so much better for integrating all sorts of things into the routine...

Yeah, math teachers should teach fencing!

KNO3 is right on the money. Suppose you have 300 feet of fencing and you are wanting to construct a rectangular fence. What is the maximum possible area that the fencing can enclose?

And if you have to put a fencepost every 10 feet, how many posts do you need? (yeah, I'm a programmer)

make a 2ft x 1ft fence around yourself and define where you're standing to be the outside.

^ You have a point my friend

And what kind of fence? Aluminum, barbed wire fence, cactus fence, chain link fence, concrete fence, stone fence, palisade, electric fence...

I have uncovered an excellent online store for nipple petals and would really like to share it with your subscribers, hopefully this is ok?

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