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Countable - November 29, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Countable

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If anyone would like to know how he got that number: Assuming the 50 year count started RIGHT AFTER the count began, that we have 12 leap years in this period, that he can count numbers in an average pace of one number/second, that he does not stop to sleep, eat, pee, poo or anything else - [(50 * 365) + 12] * 24 * 3600 = 1577836800


no eating and dying after 50 years?

Holy shit!

well, you can still count numbers while you are shitting

Math is the food of life!

OK, now let's see the survivor draw a perfect circle...

turns out, for prof. specs the natural set was finite.

How did his white hair turn grey after he died?

@ Draikk
For the same reason his glasses turned grey. Gray? Grey? I think the real reason is because I copied that part of the picture from the Dr. Suess comic and never bothered with hair color. Colour? Color?

I guess the floor was too dusty?

white hair turns grey after death!!!! As Forrest would say
"shit happens"

Maybe he fell into a shadow?

Haha, my thoughts exactly!

Well, I said he didn't STOP. I didn't say he didn't sleep or anything else. It's still pretty impossible though. I'd get bored or lose count, like: 664, 665, 666, hahahaha 666....wait, what was I doing again? (Yeah, I might just have mild ADD) XD


This is how numbers can kill a man.

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