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Not Normal - November 28, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Half A Cake

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Bonus points for knowing what the (3,3)-entry in the far left matrix is to make it normal ;-)

not sure i even remember what a normal matrix is :) i'd still guess '1', though.

Technically Speakin':
A real Matrix A is normal if A * A^T = A^T * A

Which I guess the one on the left is cause of all the 0s

The hidden number is 1. Poor matrix--being normal is overrated.

Man, I wouldn't want anything to do with a matrix that wasn't unitarily diagonalizable either.

C'mon spiked maths - how about inking up the Commutative joke I sent you - Rogo from down under - on temporary assignment 'up above' in China. Who turned down the heating? Brrrr....

Yo rogo, hope you're enjoying china :D. I'll probably do some of those ideas this week some time since I'll be away at a conference for until Dec 8.

Hidden number: anything but minus 1

OOps, that's for an INVERTIBLE matrix
normal matrix-> it's 1

it reminds me of determiners...
the determiner of that "abnormal" matrix is zero, right?
(I have already not touched Math for half a year...)

Having not yey been taught about matrices, i'm going to say this:

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