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MIT - November 25, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Let a equal...

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I didn't quite pay that much for my education, but my first year was just a recap from what I learned in high school ^_^.

On an unrelated note: Andrews Guide to Mathematics
Sometimes math related, could have potential, we'll see..

One advantage of going to a _real_ geek school (University of Chicago) was that, even in the first year classes, they had ways of presenting something new to learn, and worth learning. Like Calculus, from its theoretical foundations (Spivak--Yay, Yellow Pig!). Those of us who could show we already knew the basics could skip them.

Oh, and the caption could be:
Tuition: $20k per year. Room and Board: $15k per year. Books: $5k per year. Realizing you could have learned everything you get for free on the internet: Priceless.

5K per year on books? also, my first class was "the definition of a field" and such, and while it took until the second semester before things actually got interesting, it definitely wasn't stuff we'd done in high school...

oops my bad.. with all this math in my head and people sending me texts with terrible spelling, it kinda rubs off onto ya ;-)

Well payed.

University in Canada is government subsidized so it's only $5k per year. I still don't get why the US hates everything remotely socialist.

In mexico, public schools only charge 100 dlls per semester (math, science, engineering carrers)

Being a(n applied) math student here in Finland is a real paradise. No tuition fees or anything, and I even get 470€/month just for being a student :)
So far I've paid like 50€ for "books" since last fall.
Not the worst place to study in :)

About the same here in Norway, I pay about 90 USD per semester, wich mostly pays for a license to copy from books. I also get paid about 3300 USD per semester for being a student. Additional support, given as a loan is about 7700 USD, 550 of it will be changed from a loan to support if all exams are passed. Must say that I'm very glad I don't live in the US. Paying for school, what a joke...

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