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How To Email Your Prof - November 23, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - How To Email Your Prof

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grr...mike rocks!!<3

Thanks Yi, but we both know you rock for a living! (that was a geologist joke, zingggg).


Point 4 is so true!!! LOL

Nice! One minor suggestion: it would be perfect if the "BAD!" example for #5 were from university.edu instead of university.com.

That would be going overboard, some of us have standards, you know?

LOL this is cute... very true!

I've gotten emails from.. jedi masters.. and even one from the 'biggest_slut_in_town'.. perhaps that student wanted extra marks?

Apparently #5 is an unfortunately common cause for not getting the job you wanted.

Also, you wouldn't want anyone to know you have an email account at "xxx.com" or that you've even HEARD of it.

Math professors really approve putting meaningless expressions like "<3" in the middle of nowhere? I didn't know that! Thx.

they generally prefer <epsilon. but <3 works too, for very small values of 3.

I thought that only some young men love to use that...

Noooo!!!! Don't use MS Word - use LaTeX, with \documentclass[]{amsart} ;)

Word document=bad

TeX document=okay if it's a standard TeX doc... bad if you need some other folder for it to open in

PDF of a TeX document=good

In the begin of email always mention some apologies,then mention your problem and ask for help.

No no no no no! Number 2 says to eliminate symbols, but the GOOD example has extra !!!s!

I thought point #2 says to make the letter such that any open cover of the letter will have a finite subcover...

thanks mike.
i was also doing like this..
but next time i will respect my prof. to inform him.
& will say sorry to all profs.
because i do this thing to all professors.
good mike..good

thats a cool idea man i will definetely going to use it to send my maths professor this type of email let me see how it works

Point #8 works a lot for many a students...Lolzzzz

i definitely want a teacher like this! lol

Sorry for my daftness :) but why would it hurt to send an email at 4 am? I do this often, not because I expect an aswer at that time (of course), but because I'm often awake at that time and I don't see a reason waiting; why would the professor care when I sent it? So it's actually a cause of irritation? Huh? As for the rest: loved it :)

The first point is soooo true!!!!!!!!!!

+1 on post 4. LMAO this was hillarious

So I pretty much do all of these, and like to think that I'm a pretty good student. Is it possible I'm driving my profs up the wall?

This is awesome. And then the captcha or question that you are required to answer in order to post is a math problem as well. LOL, it's like they don't want morons on the site, which I love. Sadly, they answer it for you. Would be nice to see how many people could not comment if it required you to actually think.

Is it bad that I don't find 4:53am that strange of a time to be up?

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