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Magician - November 22, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Magician

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The way some of my students work I wonder whether I'm teaching mathe-magics sometimes - things disappear, then magically reappear later in their working!

.9 repeating equals one? Gabriel's Horn?

sheesh tough crowd...

i don't have this problem because i tell people i'm a mathemagician.

Are you Art Benjamin?

Unfortunately, most "mathemagicians" only know how to multiply 97x94 very fast, or tell you what day you were born on.

XD,that's from the TED talk.

Wait. Doesn't know Thibault?

I go to my children's classes (K and first grade) and tell them that I'm a
mathematician, and that is why I am going to teach them origami. They love it.

Isn't a mathemagition basically a physicist?

I will make 4x DISAPPEAR!!! (don't know how to make integral sign so...) (2x^2)(4x)dx

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