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Don't Try This At Home - November 20, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Don't Try This At Home

Have a good Friday. Some random links for ya:

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These comics are like sex toys; Highly enjoyable in private, but you wouldn't share them with your friends.

Hmm, I just shared my sex toy with my friends...


no point in waiting -- time is standing still!

And you just got to find the right friends...

Haha thanks for the shoutout. We were really worried with that comic that somebody else had done it first... but so far no complaints.

No problem Andrew... (x,why?) has one called "Points on a Plane":
And Brown Sharpie has one called "Snakes on a Plane - Now in 3-D!":
But I like yours the best ^_^

But what's the answer?

(That's when all heck breaks loose...)

tan=cos/sin, ∞=1/0

The answer? It's 42, of course.

The answer is complex infinity

The answer is obviously i. Now the tricky part: what is i?

Sorry Timothy, I can't imagine it...

I definitely share these with my friends.

When you type "I" it is an "I" not an "i". Make your teacher proud. Try it again.

The answer depends on the context. is it ℝ̄? ℝ̂? ℂ? some other field?

SEE? I knew if we tried to get an answer, all heck would break out! He he he!

NaN. At least according to the Java programming language. ;)

I just want to know how to work this equation out to 1/0 = ERR without using a calculator.

surely he hasn't actually divided by zero until he writes the answer(?)

As my teacher in HS used to say: "You CAN divide by zero. You can also jump out of the window, if you want to..."

lol !!

Draw a circle next to 1/0 and you have the three sphere.

i think bullying

The clock stopped moving, that's what :O

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