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Holy shift! - November 18, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Holy shift!

Thanks to Natalie for pointing me towards this MLIA post.

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If you like "Spiked Math", you'll probably like today's "Abstruse Goose": http://abstrusegoose.com/210

And when is the T-shirt coming out?

Which begs the obvious follow-up parody of MC Hammer's most famous work...

this already is a tshirt, be original

Link to where the t-shirt is available?? According to my research, the slogan has a high probability of originating on MLIA by whomever submitted it (but MLIA doesn't provide who submitted it). After MLIA, it was posted by a couple thousand people on their blogs/twitter/facebook. However, I have yet to see any t-shirts with this on it.

Nah, make a deal with the original makers and offer it on this site.

sorry if this is kinda like spam, but just wanted to test my avatar so clicked the random button and posted this so sorry if anyone actually notices this comment, and is then somehow inconvenienced by it

damn, it did work

It seems gravatar looks at emails in lowercase. I'd have to change the code to first convert to lowercase before grabbing the avatar, or for now you can just type your email address in lower case.


You sine of the butcher group!

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