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Geeky Bullies - November 14, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Geeky Bullies

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Poor 47. All the nerds are picking on him...

You must check out Vilification Tennis. While most of their humor is vulgar, they're all big geeks at heart and will often use jokes just as nerdy, if not more so. (No, I'm not affiliated, just a fan)

He waited for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) XD!!!!!

She could have been waiting for USB 1.0. I hear that that was really slow.

I love the World of Warcraft reference

So she had a really small diameter? How does that make her fat?

In this universe the ratio of circumference to diameter is defined as 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971... So saying that it is 4 puts it at being greater than this value of pi.

Elliptical geometry

Right, but if the ratio goes up (to 4) then either the circumference went up or her diameter went down. It seems to me that to call her fat you should say that the ratio is, say, 2, meaning that her diameter is huge compared to her circumference. In any case, she won't be circular cross-section (since the ratio is not pi), and it's not clear what her "diameter" or "circumference" means in this context.

Can we just call it a poorly conceived joke and leave it at that?

Blegh, that's no fun, the joke is hilarious and you ruin it by stating that the projection of any mom on a plane is never circular.

No standard deviation? Lol!

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