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SuperMath vs m and ms - November 13, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - SuperMath vs m&m's

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Have you ever seen a fractal snail?

After uniting the m & m's, she should just eat the last (big) one...

Ah. Get old school math on his ass! Use the sword!

The sword still confuses me.

Normal math doesn't require swords, but super math does.

Well, JackXD Old school mathematicians carried swords...


And founded Fencing Schools


And they picked on jocks.

And were gun totin' psychopaths, that die in illegal back alley duels.


don't worry, the sword is made of cardboard ^_^

It wouldn't by any chance be an oddly-coloured unfolded möbius trip? ;)

Ah. New math.

i didnt get it until the second time he missed xD

but now i wonder...what made that guy so darn special that he didn't fit into the union in the first place?

nothing! UNION POWER!!! XD UUUUU! :)

I believe that Super Math wielding a sword is just because of the rule of cool...

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