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Pumpkin Carving - October 29, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Pumpkin Carving

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Yeah--they aren't spheres. Some are oblate spheroids, more or less, and most have depressed areas on top and bottom.... Say, what is the equation for a pumpkin shape anyway?

x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 16 + cos[4pi * arctan(x/y)]

(From http://blog.wolfram.com/2010/10/29/scary-mathematica-movies-for-halloween/ )

I'm not sure of a pumpkin's equation, but it probably has something to do with pie.

damm you foobar!! you stole the pie!

Does it matter how many pieces we divide the pie into?


It doesn't matter, a pumpkin is homeomorphic to a sphere.

assuming there isn't a giant hole in it, or if it doesn't cave back into itself

Wait. Faces can go on non-spheres as well! Wow. Evil.

A cube is homeomorphic to a sphere, and a cube has faces... so homeomorphism does not apply.

You can paint a face on a wall, and that is a plane fact.

Made me laugh.

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