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He Figured It Out - October 28, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - He Figured It Out

For the few gay mathematicians I know... probably makes no sense though.

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beer = gay - straight

straigh + beer - gay = 0

gay/(straigh + beer) = 1


Wtf? I don't get this one.

Erm, he's taking the beer along a straight?
Or is it something else?

Or is it referring to the fact that gay=happy?

is this one not really about math? Or is there a deeper implication that I'm missing?

your screen name is the shiz.

my guess is that he's using the beer to hook up with people, just like alcohol makes women into lesbians

Some guys get, er, slightly homo-erotic (nipple twists, bum pinches, gay innuendo) after having a few beers. This mathematician is aiming for something along the lines of date rape. Best of luck to him!

If -gay = straight, then beer = 0!

since beer = 0! = 1, I think the formula (straight + beer = gay) means that you're one better to be gay than straight?

Ha ha, rape jokes and homophobia.

Clearly, not enough of those things in this world.

Hey guy, beer is not equal to 0. Have you ever tried to buy beer with no money?

I'm a gay mathematician and i liked it! xD
hehehe too bad i didn'tsee it when you first posted it xD

I also don't really get this joke... but is it related to the health research below?

The mathematician is Gay. He would like to be hooked up with other hot guys. So, he is taking a number of beer mugs to convert hot straight people into gays.

That's probably referring to the Six Beer theory.. (yes, a joke)

So straight people are teetotal gay guys?

Well, this explains the "why" behind my previous prediction that:
"Extrapolating current trends, by the year 2020 I will be the
last straight male on the planet."

Of course now that I know the cause I'll have to revise
my prediction to:

"By the year 2020 me and the mormons will be the only straight
males left on the planet."

They don't drink either. :-D

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