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Office Space - October 19, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Office Space Was Tight (Closet)

Poor Joe has moved offices at least 5 times since he's been a grad student...

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I played in a chess tournament Saturday. During a break, I talked with the director (who is taking some real analysis) about ideas he has for representing irrationals. It seems one of his issues may rely on Goldbach's conjecture.

I suggested Farey sequences, which he was unfamiliar with, as a possible resource for part of his concerns. I hope that's not tomorrow's topic.

Worst office moving experience: One August, some University workers showed up at the department offices to pack them up. "Why?" asked the profs and GAs? So we can renovate them--paint, new carpets, the works.

(Profs:) "We weren't told."

(Workers:) "Neither were we, until yesterday."

What neither knew at that point was that they were being redone for another department! Our department was moved across campus into a basement! And nobody bothered to mention this to _anyone_ involved, not even the other department!

To add insult to the whole situation, that Fall Faculty Program was on "Good Communication Practices"...


Well bmonk Math Jail!

I have a closet with 6 other grad students. It's sad how true this is. My goal is to get the one closet with a window... chances are slim.

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