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Mike Got A Cat - October 15, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Mike Got A Cat

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Obviously Mittens is actually Schrödinger's cat.

The only appropriate response for panel 2 is "Holy $#!+!!! A talking cat!!!"

Excellent today! Schrödinger would love it.

Except of course that μ was never pronounced that way (that is, [mju]) in Greek. In early Greek, it was [mu], in classical Greek it was [my] (which I personally prefer), and in modern Greek it’s pronounced [mi].

A "mu" joke would be better told about a cow.

Melvar and foobar--true--except this is a math comic. In Math, it's pronounced "myu" or "mew"

It is always pronounced [my] or [myː] in a German context, even in math. It is also usually spelled “my”, as υ in Greek words is usually transliterated as y in German and the original Greek spelling was “μῦ”.
Pronunciation is a feature of language, not of subject.

Nah, mitten's is the other Schrödinger's cat.

I get mju and psy[cho], but why is he naming the cat Xi?

Actually, "psi" = "sigh". ;-)

Because of http://spikedmath.com/012.html

At least, I think that's the case.

Oh yeah? Well in cattle country it's pronounced moo.

I'm fairly sure my cat does not go WTF LOL.

Godot, you need to get a LOL cat then.

Ahem. "You need haz get a LOL catz den."

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