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Pythagorean Conjecture - October 12, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Pythagorean Conjecture

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Just wanted to say how much I LOVE your comic. Thanks for making me smile every day.

It's the ellipse, right?

this doesn't even make sense.

right, but putting a circle or an ellipse is whatever else instead of the square doesn't make sense.

The Pythagorean Theorem doesn't work for ovals and squares.

yes, I understand that. I guess it's really not that funny.

Ahem. To you I guess.

This is funny, thank you.

All the people appreciating the comic must be either very good friends of the author or hired by the author for writing such comments :P

That's right anonymous. I pay each of them in Stanley nickels, and if they're extra nice, they get Schrute bucks.

An Office reference seamlessly integrated into a sarcastic comeback. I approve.

I think the point of the gag is in the title: A conjecture is what a theorem is before it gets proved (In modern mathematics this might take some time). So the humour is in the incongruity of Comic Pythagoras struggling to get his idea into shape.

I really liked the play on words here.

Ok so this is completely off topic. But did you know that Pythagoras wasn't actually a person, but a group of people who called themselves the Pythagoreans, who were basically a math club. I was disappointed when I found out because I named my cat Pythagoras.

Yes, there was a group called the Pythagoreans...founded by...Pythagoras. He was actually a historical figure...

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