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Love Tunnel - October 9, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Love Tunnel

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Took me a bit. I love it. Square roots. xD

Visual gags, jokes everyone can enjoy, except for the blind, but they have their own fun, I presume.

The same thing happened to 3 and 6 when they married.

Ha, I actually was calculating 2 * 5 and wondering why I was wrong t'ill I noticed it was meant as 25 ... :)

Yeah, before reading your comment I was wondering why 2 disappeared and not 5, since they both have irrational roots.

Hahaha. I did too. Glad i figured it out before reading the comments. Now I feel smart again. yay

Take me a bit too understand ...but very nice ^^

Yup, but bmonk, 6 got busted. She took out a huge insurance policy before the trip...

When 8 and 1 did it they came out a mutant. They were added together!

Haha nice....mutant?! :)

this is the whole chinese zodiac all over again:
'2s, avoid 5s. 3s, avoid 6s.'

lovable modeling. that was impress to me.very nice thankyou for given this one

Same happens with 2 5; 06 25; 390 625; 39 0625; 82128 90625; etc. and with 3 6; 57 76; 109 376; etc. For the first of these, the least significant halves of these are the endings (1 digit longer) of the previous endings squared. The most significant half comes from squaring the least significant halves. The second are similar, but the least significant halves are 10^n-(first answers). I.e., 376=1001-625.

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