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Euclid vs Hilbert - October 6, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Euclid vs Hilbert

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Wow this one went way over my head

Yeah, the author should post an 'explanation' section with every comic. Not all of us can study nothing but math all the time. We have to get REAL jobs. :)

I believe this is a reference to fractals. In particular, the character on the right is a 2nd order Hilbert curve. This curve has a special property that it is a space filling curve. So even though it is a line, the full curve fills an entire 2 dimensional square. Normally we think of lines as 1 dimensional, whereas this has a Hausdorff dimension of 2. This goes against the classical notion of dimensions in Euclidean space (there's the Euclid reference).

They don't teach this kind of geometry in high school.

they should.

Wikipedia has a nice animation of it:

Yeah, well wait until Cthulhu shows up...

Cthulhu scares me :-S

Math Geek, they don't teach lots of geometry--and other kinds of math--in High School. That's what makes it fun to study it yourself.

It's sad. I know from first-hand experience.

Entropy: "Not all of us can study nothing but math all the time."

Clearly this comic is not for you then. It's not like you need a PhD to understand this stuff.

Entropy: "We have to get REAL jobs. :)"

And Mathematician is not a real job? There are many different job positions a Mathematician can hold, but one of the most common is Math Professor, which is the 3rd best job in America:


Acutally, the above is for any college professor, including those in the humanities, who don't get paid nearly as much. The average salary of a Math Professor at my university is well over $100k, and Mathematicians working at companies make even more.

Let me ask you this: Is your job on that list? Probably not.

Entropy could be from somewhere else, where it might somewhat apply.

And as for the phrase "We have to get REAL jobs. :)".... LOL!

Entropy seems to have gotten most of the euphemisms so far. So, I'm doing the math thing and assuming: a)He's being ironic, b)poking fun at the backs broken bending over for money.. On the other side of the coin, some are successful enough to not worry about it. It's a matter of perspective ;).

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