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High School Memories - October 5, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - High School Memories

I guess that leaves the question... how do you pronounce ln?

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"Ellen", of course :)

Lawn. :x *is weird*

Stupid! It's In! With a capital i!

Wow. I guess it's not surprising that teachers can be that dumb. I read somewhere that an illiterate teacher had taught high school in California for over a decade.

Ironic that you read that somewhere, I suppose.

"ln" = "log n"
"log n" sounds like "log in".
"log in" could be contracted to "in".

I think it was last week that digg referenced a UK story about a police firearms safety course where the instructor accidentally shot one of the students. Seems the instructor had failed his last safety review.

This wasn't meant to disrepect the teacher in any way. He was actually a very inspiring teacher and knew a lot about math & physics, though he often made a few silly mistakes here and there. Part of high school is learning that teachers don't know everything (but hopefully know enough) and taking the initiative to find out answers on your own.

The most important part is the teacher's reaction to the correction.

I'm a math teacher, and this is exactly right. If my students never corrected, or at least expanded upon, my calculations, it would indicate a problem. If they had to correct them often, it would indicate a different problem.

I think "ln" comes from the shorten form for the Latin "logarithmus naturalis" appearing in the work of Pietro Mengoli and Nicholas Mercator in the 17th century.

The symbol "ln" was first used in 1893 by Irving Stringham, influenced probably from the French order of writing "Logarithme naturel"

Oh, I get it. It's an In side joke.

Prounouncing “ln” is a trivial matter: [l̩n], that is to say with syllabic [l].

Wait. You mean it's ln is not pronounced as "monkey crotch sweat blue bungaloo?"

I'm discovering this comic and, I'm happy to read the comments, they are really fun.

I pronounce it "log".

I remember that my teacher pronounces that as "long", or something sound like that...

My high school and university teachers have always pronounced it as 'lon' (with a soft o, so 'lawn')

I've always heard "lin"

Who cares! I need to know what sound a tree does when you hit it with a drumstick!

ln is pronounced "natural log"

in spanish it´s logaritmo natural so it makes perfect sense ha

logaritmo neperiano querras decir

latural nog :) then my calc teacher started saying it :D

I always pronounced it "lin"
A lot faster than saying "the natural log"

I think the funniest part of the whole thing is the problem on the board ^_^

I have always pronounced it "line" in my head for the sake of convenience.
Though I am indeed aware it's the natural logarithm.

"Lawn". Or natural log. I also tend to pronounce "log" as log ten.

This is a little pet peeve of mine. I regularly work with students that have been told by a high school teacher that THE way to pronounce it is one of those options listed.

Mathematical symbols have defined meanings. They do not have defined pronunciations; it would be pointless - there are hundreds of languages and dialects world-wide.

The symbol "ln" means 'natural logarithm' or 'log base e'. Since it is monosyllabic and quite rare to have a context where the pronunciation "log" is ambiguous in terms of base, it is the most logical choice.

I just say "el en"...

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