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Difference Between Numbers And People - September 28, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Difference Between Numbers And People

Boys... this is not a good joke to tell your girlfriend (when she's you know)... trust me on this :-|

Update: Joke fixed? ^_^

Spiked Math Comic - Difference Between Numbers And People

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Oh, haha. I only understand a third of these without reading the comments, but the ones I get anyways and are still fairly mathy are a joy =3

Wait, I thought rationality had to do with whether the number terminated or repeated, not the mere existince of a decimal. I mean, I still like the joke, but the period has nothing to do with rationality...in a number. :)

Am I wrong on this?

Rational numbers are things like 15/2 or 109/47. 71/10=7.1

That'd be how I learned it too. 7.1 is rational. Pi is not, because it neither terminates nor repeats. It still has a decimal, what with the first several characters/digits being "3.141592"

He meant period as in periodicity.

I've heard that "in mathematics a rational number is a number that can be expressed as the quotient a/b of two integers, with the denominator b not being equal to zero. As b can be equal to 1, all integers corresponds to one."

Actually numbers with period are rather *irrational* than rational. Because every rational number can be expressed without the dot (integer, or fractions a/b), while an irrational number MUST be represented by a decimal in order to know its true value in precision, and we know that the measure of the set of irrational numbers on the real line is way larger than the measure of the set of rational numbers (which is zero)

Since when can all rational numbers be expressed without a period? Unless you mean fraction form, of course.

Sweet talk is awesome if done right...

I understood 'period' to include 'periodic' i.e. repeating to the right of the decimal, therefore rational. But what's up with cutie-pi thinking she's rational, since she doesn't repeat? I.e., she doesn't have a period. OMG she's pregnant!

Why not just say "numbers -can- be rational when they have a period"? Makes sense and I think it's just as funny. Good stuff though.

Yup yup yup...
the original joke was for "period" to mean "periodic"... hence the first comic.

but since i drew 7.1, it kinda implies that "period" is referring to the "decimal", but i think a large number of people would have assumed this to begin with... hence the second comic.

with the decimal interpretation, the 7.1 guy is stating something that's wrong. And then this cutie-pi girl (with crazy eyes) thinks she's all rational when in reality she's crazzzzy!! (irrational)

feel free to fix it to your liking - it's a png file so opens in crappy ms-paint for easy editing ;-)

This one had me laughing in a loud fashion :D

lol funny but kinda gross

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