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Tag - September 23, 2009
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Best one yet. I actually laughed out loud. :)

I like it. I guess e^x like to play tag with himself.

My favorite nerdy math joke:

So e^x and c are walking down the street, and they run into the derivative operator. e^x acts all big and bold - "I'm not scared of you since you can't hurt me" - but c hides behind e^x because he knows that if the derivative operator takes him on then he's toast, but if he sticks by e^x's side then he'll be fine. Unfortunately, e^x's brazenness doesn't work out so well for him, since as the derivative operator comes closer he realizes he's made a terrible mistake. The derivative operator then introduces himself: "I'm d...dy..."


Omg, that is so frickin' awesome!

Just then, e^x turns to c and says, "Never fear, little c. y, my x knows how to reciprocate and look, we are approaching the origin with the evaluator here to judge that operator." Sure enough, d/dy is sentenced to work on a chain gang as they descend, with singular alacrity, into an infinite abyss.

Just gotta run backwards...

Wouldn't that be integration?

never gonna get me.. but I'll get close enough.. (is what I tell all my elusive e^x love interests)

but he's always on him, so e^x can never get away!! hah!!

I know, I'm no nerd, I don't get a lot of jokes

e^x differentiated is e^x, so no matter how many times the d by dx operator is used, e^x will always be the same.

c e^x. Say it out loud.

see times e to the ex?

this got me through a maths exam...
just saying

but d/dy would.

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