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New Bike - September 21, 2009
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This one comes from a joke I read that I thought would look great in comic form.
In case you haven't read it before, here it is ^_^:

Spiked Math Comic - New Bike

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Last I heard she was painting someone's house...

Really, it is hard to tell the age and gender of any character, besides the boy with the hat. The joke didn't fit for me because the "guy" looks a lot like a girl.

The guy could be a girl if that helps.

Man! Girls usually don't wear ties -_- .

You can blame my crappy ms-paint skills. The girls usually have "longer" hair, and the guys have "shorter" hair. If you want, they can all be girls?

I thought that joke would apply to engineers... tomato, potato I guess

Random: Is the answer to "What is the derivative of 2x (with respect to x)" supposed to be already filled in?

I think so, at least.

My calculus teacher ones told us that joke. Brilliant! :D

I don't get it.

That's a men's bike...

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