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Oh That Alex - September 20, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Oh That Alex

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Can we add 100% to zero?

Technically it's not exactly zero. If a deadly meteor suddenly struck the planet and they were the only two survivors...

It could still be zero.

Hahaha nice reply lol

unless the deadly meteor also happen to burn their clothes down and throw them at each other...
strange things might happen...

What she means to say, is that even she and he were the only living survivors of humanity, with absolutely no doubt that every other human had expired, unless he forced himself upon her, there is absolutely no way intercourse is transpiring and she would sooner allow the human race to terminate indefinitely.

Which is smart, because you should never hook up with people who wear baseball caps backwards and ask you about probability. They are most likely bros who just left their remedial math class. They will also most likely drink all your beer.

Personal experience?

i may not be able to understand alot of these right away, but as long as people in the comments occasionally explain a little, it makes me lolz. great job!!!!

There goes the whole human race.

Are they in prison or something?

Yup. Math prison.

I agree with SonicLover
People are strange. I person can think that another is unattractive, but if forced to interact alot with the other, that person will warmup to him/her.

It's not supposed to be prison, just a normal window :-(

I thought they were in a library or something. Don't know where prison came from.

it's not a window.. don't be silly... don't you recognize a Cartesian cross, a most holy mathematical symbol, when you see it?

round up(0.000000000001) = 1
round up(0) = 0

If he tries for long enough, he might double his chances...

Zero probability does not mean it is not going to happen.
The guy has to try infinitely. It may happen a finite number of times ... :-)

I feel the last panel should read: "I already did" instead of "It's still zero"

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