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Mathematicians - September 18, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Mathematicians

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Also 3 for...

the Christian Holy Trinity
the Hindu Trimurti
the Three Jewels of Buddhism
the Three Pure Ones of Taoism
the Triple Goddess of Wicca

Me? I pick 6.221415

3.1415926535, if I may.

Forgot to round up Timothy, 3.1415926536

Timothy didn't pick "pi", so no rounding is needed. *HEHE!*

The God part of the comic is the best. 9 is the number of completion in certain metaphysical circles.

sqrt(pi*e*golden number) =D

sqrt 10
(I'd rather memorize that than pi XD)

I also pick e. If someone is picking after me they sometimes pick f, ahh the confusion it brings :D

Lucky a computer guy wasn't there. He knows there's no natural numbers between 1 and 10.

"There are 10 kinds of people:
Those who understand binary math
and those who don't."


so 1 then?

No, that would be 0.9 or however you choose to actually notate 0.(9 repeating)

Ooops that clearly did not line up right. The _ should be over the 9

Conveniently, 0.(9 repeating) is actually equal to 1.0
See: 1/3rd in decimal times 3.

actually.. .9 is not between 1 and 10

I would pick 1.618033989 (about!)


can someone explain the god part?

thats cloud 9

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