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Well, Aren't You Colorful Today - September 10, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Well, Aren't You Colorful Today

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As a Computer Scientist, I approve of this joke

As a Computer Scientist im sad i either fully dont get it or its not funny.

Not being a computer scientist I think that the new outfit needs a mask.

The girl is K7 -- i.e. the complete graph with 7 vertices. You need n colours to colour Kn (using the rule that adjacent vertices must have different colours).

The boy is K2,2 -- a perfect matching.

(although four is not a perfect number, which was my first thought)

As an aspiring computer scientist, I approve of this joke!

Wow this had me in fits of laughter!!! The puns are pro! How did you come up with them? Did you do some kind of course?

This is |ABSOLUTELY| the best webcomic ever!! HAHA Arent we clever!!

Cameron Dobby-Dobb-Dobbs

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