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Square the Circle - September 8, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Square the Circle

Today's comic is inspired by the work of Chris Burke, creator of (x, why?) comics. Click the thumbnail image below to see his 360th comic: Circle in the Square.

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Next step... cubing the sphere!

But i thought...
square squared = cube / rectangular prism
circle squared = cylinder?
seems the natural progression...

no, squaring a 2-dimensional object (circle) would create the 4th dimensional analog (hypersphere)

So now we just have to construct a hypersphere with compass and straightedge.


No, squaring the circle, that is, constructing S^1 x S^1 gives the torus - which is located in 4-dimensional Euclidean space, but it is not a hypershpere (which would be the 3-dimensional sphere)
Sorry, I've looked too closely into this :P (some years ago, though)

I think you're are both wrong. I'm a math AND science guy and I think that the forth dimension is time. After all, when u go on a date, have a meeting, or go to an appointment you need the place (first three dimensions) AND the time (forth dimension). Therefore, you don't need to draw a forth dimension unless you can visualize time.

Either I've never heard of the thing you're pointing this esoteric joke at, or that's not funny.

Probably the former. Huh.

Heh, that's probably only the third one I have gotten by myself. I still love the challenge and the way these are presented. Very nice job with the site and keep up the good work!

and for the confused, circle the square.

There is a shape--really a whole family of shapes--that simultaneously fit a circular hole, a square hole, and a triangular hole, in each case filling the hole perfectly. Martin Gardner noted it in one of his Mathematical Games columns, decades ago.

In case you didn't know, this strip is linked into TVTropes.com. SpikedMath even has its own page!

you are an idiot mr math AND science guy. clearly they are talking about spatial dimensions.

Seriously?! This is easy!
SQUARING the circle
SQUARE IN the circle!
By the way, squaring the circle means making a square with the same area as a given circle using the compass and straightedge. This is an impossible task since pi is not an algebraic number, so it is not a constructible number since all constructible numbers are algebraic.
And yeah, I'm a nerd

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