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Why Mathematicians Never Win At Poker - September 3, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Mathematicians Never Win At Poker


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manifolds... i took that course :-)

Man... that's smooth. Despite being something of an in-joke-- the sort of thing only the locals would know. I suppose you could chart it out.

I don't get many of these...but my sister is math-crazy so I directed her here in hopes that she would be entertained. Questionable Content-referred. :]

I love math, and poker, and I'm a Computer Scientist. Now, if you were playing hold-em, you would never say you flop (unless he's the dealer).

I have enjoyed your comics, but this one is really reaching.

Keep them coming. These are just wonderful. Been a while since I did my maths degree, making some rusty cogs turn in my brain as well as giving a good laugh. I have sent a link to a lot of my friends who are maths teachers... I would have loved these when I was in college starting out.

Simply brilliant, good luck :)

Found from ad in QC

Questionable Content? I saw the ad on MS Paint Adventures! Good jokes, although I don't get all of them.

All of them are using terms related to their profession, but the mathematician's was disguised as a pun. Clever, and funny.

hey, just wanted to comment :)

I don't get this. Can someone please explain? (I get Nanny: Raise, and Telemarketer: Call, but not Mathematician: Fold, and Comp Sci: Here's the Flop.)

Mathematician: Manifold. Computers: FLOPS is a measure of speed (FLoating point Operations Per Second)

I love manifolds. A msths lover never wins at poker, but would always win if and only if it'd be maths.

for the Comp Sci instead of FLOPS i was thinking it was referring to a floppy disk.... haha either way it works!

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