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Transformers - September 1, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Transformers


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I liked the Fibonacci one.

But the rest... I guess I'm just too-not-math to understand.
Daily webcomicing is something worthy of praise.

But maybe doing it weekly, but with more detail would be better. That's just me though.

Got here from: TGWTG

This totally calls for the Wavelet transformer, bad-ass arch-nemesis of Laplace.

the jokes seem a bit forced, but hopefully in the limit time -> a couple of months, the artist will find their rhythm.

I like! Keep it up.

Good God, this really blows.

The comic got me laughing my a*s^2 off.

the laplace transformer felt left out :-D


this is super funny. i laughed and laughed (and laughed)!
furthermore, i get a huge kick out of characters who suddenly say "crap"!

This was a silly one indeed. I share an office with a couple of grad students and while drawing this my officemate was like ... "WTF are you doing?!?"

lol this is funny

HAHA, didn't get this one back in the day, but I now have understanding of it. feelsgoodman.jpg

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