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Daydreaming - August 31, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Daydreaming


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Yea, I didn't get this one.

Yep. Being obsessed with math but hating to do work. I'm procrastinating at this second.

hahaha this is so true!

I had to have this one explained to me too.... Think my brain defended me from understanding. Humorously critical of the reader no?

You have defined the lives of 80% of your readers in four panels. Applause.

I think your cat would go mu.

I hereby declare this comic strip EPIC WIN.

the story of my life... :/

I know how does it feels that :D

This is classy!

This is perfect!

The same applies for CS :)

The person is daydreaming. When doing normal things, a person does math, but when a normal person does math, they try to think about anything else. Or she is reminded of those things because what's on the table is what she was thinking at those moments.

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