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Clever Alex - August 29, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Alex Thought He Was So Smart


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What is Alex so damn happy about? Alex bothers me too, little girl.

Ewww dirty comic.
But still hilarous.

My thoughts exactly.

I had to go back and read this again, but when i did it was hilarious. :)

Awww, ha ha
Bwa ha ha ha ha

how old is this alex!!

Ahhhahahahahaha... The jokes are even better when you need to think a little bit... magnificent

I'm uncomfortable mixing mathematics with innuendo. Doesn't mean I won't laugh at someone else doing it though.

I'll be a pi-eyed emu!

lol i like this comic a lot.. xD

I remember this one from school, so it's at least 50 years old!

In case someone hasn't figured it out, the first strip would reed: Before a root you, are you over sixteen?

I don't get this one. Well, I do get it, but what sort of slang uses the phrase "root you"? I have never in my life heard that term and have trouble guessing what exactly it means.

I know 'root' to mean 'have sex with' but I heard somewhere that it's only New Zealand and possibly Australian slang. It sure makes mathematics more interesting. Apparently it's irrational to root two.

crap! this sounds dirty but hillarious xD

I've seen this with the beginning written as B4i4Q or something like that

Or with Qtπ at the end.

"square root" I've heard people slur to sound like "sk'root" which sounds like "screw" which means... well, u know. Maybe that's what it means?

It can also be shortened to just "root" which is slang for having sex.

Did anyone notice that she is closer to the math guy than in the previous comic strip? That might mean something! She is approximating him...

Quote: "... As in, I decided to unfriend my roommate on Facebook after we had a fight.'..."

Come on, just read it literally and you will get the joke!
There isn't much math (or maths, whatever you call it) to this one!

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