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Wanna Multiply? - August 27, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Wanna Multiply With Me


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That 2d matrix needs to work on his pickup skills. "Damn, I could've sworn you were homogeneous!"

Diagonal Multiplication!
I smacked my head over and over into the text book when I finally got what it really meant

matrix multiplication..
you can't multiply a 2x2 matrix with a 3x3 matrix, but you can do a 2x2 by a 2x2...

i sure hope "too small" wasn't meant to have any sexual connotations.. lol

Do you honestly think it wasn't -.-?

Things could be a little tensor at this moment.

Asexual matrix! ^,-,^

I'm using this one on the alg 2 final I'm writing!

In the first frame the guy matrix should be diagonal.

1 0
0 4

Hey! I'm a 2x3 matrix, may I join the party

Good one!
Because (depending on the order) a 2x3 matrix can multiply with either
2x2 2x3=2x3
2x3 3x3=2x3
The insides have to be equal, otherwise you cannot multiply the matrices.
The outsides tell the dimensions of the product.

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