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Mrs. Brown's Son Went on a Random Walk - August 26, 2009
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Spiked Math Comic - Mrs Brown's Son Went On Another One Of His Random Walks


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i get it.
--> Brownian motion <--
created by Robert Brown.

I thought it was a Drunkard's Walk.

Robert Brown is my name and i didnt get that till i read the comment :S theres too many robert browns in the world :S

According to my C++ textbook, C++ Primer Plus, it used to be called a drunkards walk, but that isn't considered very PC, so now it's called a random walk. Also, even when drunk, I can usually still find my way home in finite time, so it's not truly random

If it really was random he'd be unlikely to get very far away from his starting point.

After n^2 steps, he'd be, on average, about n steps away from his origin...

Browian motion also is the movement of particles, I was just studying chemistry and came across it =D .

Vectorizing made it so awesome lol

My name is Robert Brun! "Brun" means Brown in Norwegian.

You've been walking all day, son, and you're trampling the square roots of the day lilies!

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